Seven Seventy Coin is a well-being technology company that offers innovative and pioneering solutions in the field of emotional and mental well-being. Seven Seventy Coin's unique technologyis designed to redirect thoughts and establish new behavioural patterns. The company's services are geared towards assisting individuals aged between 18 to 70+ with a wide range of issues.

The Technology:

The company has developed groundbreaking technology that uses special treatment rooms with multi-sensory stimulation in two types of capsules:

The black capsule helps people quit smoking, reduce carbohydrate and sugar intake, and break other harmful habits by utilizing the Gama-Theta brain waves algorithm for self-therapy.

The white capsule, on the other hand,focuses on promoting mindfulness,reducing distress,anxiety,and inducing deep emotionalchanges through the use of the Alfa brain waves algorithm for self-therapy.

Seven Seventy Coin

This unique patented technology aims to create a transformation in the nervous system and brainwaves of individuals within the treatment rooms. It allows for the engineering of sensory experiences,effectively creating a therapeutic mental environment.

The development of these two algorithms required significant Investments of over 3 million dollars along with 5 years of intensive work and over 60 experts who worked day and night to develop the technology.

The first algorithm is designed for behavioral changes and rapid cessation of habits like smoking, while the second algorithm targets emotional therapy and the reduction of cortisol levels in the blood stream, which is associated with stress and danger.

Healing the mind, body and spirit through various modalities and techniques.

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