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At the Tel Aviv branch approximately 20,000 patients have benefited from a arrange of treatments resulting in sales in excess of over $3.2M a year. It include smoking cessation,detoxification from carbohydratesandsugars, and emotional therapies aimed at addressing issues such as pain and anxiety reduction.

In emotional treatments, the primary objective is to address the underlying causes of problems to neutralize addiction and ensure it is not replaced another from of addiction or obsessive behaviour These treatments primarily focus on measuring patient satisfaction and their daily sense of peace.


The rate of technology's impact on brain waves has been impressive for the majority of individuals. Most individuals who participate in the treatment program within the specialized capsule experience notable changes in their brain waves.

The evidence for this transformation is based on data collected from EEG devices sweat and heart rate monitors. Even those who initially reported feeling only minimal effects from the treatment have shown significant physiological changes.

It is essential to recognize that not everyone experiences an immediate change in consciousness after their first session. Some individuals may require multiple treatments, o in the region of a fourth or fifth session, to experience this transformation.

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